Monday, July 16, 2007


A near-perfect analogy for the nirvana grunge syndrome, as well as the mallcore/nu-metal (think, KORN, slipknot, Machine Head) revolution that has taken over the rock(hate that word)-music scene today vs The Underground Metal scene, would be Microsoft's standoff against GNU/Linux (well, not much of a standoff, MS has over 90% marketshare). With the popularity of certain (free) linux distros rising(Ubuntu, not SUSE), I hear the MS fanboys cry foul. Well all the negative points against Linux have been iterated here
A counter argument is given here. As with all the people who have difficulty switching from the same old structured musical drone of these stereotypical grunge/mallcore/nu-metal bands to traditional metal, it is obviously going to be difficult for windows users to switch to Linux (yes, you cannot escape the shell as of yet).

YES, LINUX IS NOT FOR NOOBS, atleast not for some time to come I guess. Well, today everyone wants a shortcut to life. With such a mentality I am all too sure we're going forward...ha...ha.

One more clarification,

OPEN SOURCE not equal FREE (source is GPL'ed i.e you can modify the source and redistribute it under the GPL)
FREE software is as good as FREE BEER, if you get what I mean.


If you feel the comments are biased you can suck it, cause it is meant to be.


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