Thursday, September 08, 2005

Encounters of the Nth Kind

Alone, I stand behind the wall. Battered and bruised, still sane from the barking of machine guns and pounding of shells. I know this place isn't safe and am also running out of bullets. I know I have to make a dart for a safer place lest I might not live.

I check to see if anyone's around, trying to peep from the side of the wall. I suddenly start to feel a strong sensation in my body. A numbing feeling creeps in. A warm liquid starts dripping from my forehead. I feel my vision going black, and there's darkness around. I feel dark shadows all around me. In fear I cringe and try to clench my gun hard. I've never been afraid in my life, always true my country, yeah I'm patriot. But as these thoughts start racing through my mind, a fear creeps in, the fear of dying... Suddenly I find something pounding in my head... I find myself panting for breath as I awaken from this horrid dream.

Yeah, this is the frightening dream, that the soldiers live with everyday. Now it's my time...

Can't Remember Anything
Can't Tell If this Is True or Dream
Deep down Inside I Feel to Scream
this Terrible Silence Stops Me
Now That the War Is Through with Me
I'm Waking up I Can Not See
That There Is Not Much Left of Me
Nothing Is Real but Pain Now
-Metallica, album "And Justice for all...", song "One"

Barking of machinegun fire, does nothing to me now
sounding of the clock that ticks, get used to it somehow
More a man, more stripes you bare, glory seeker trends
bodies fill the fields I see
the slaughter never ends
-Metallica, album "Master of Puppets", song "Disposable Heroes"