Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I've been reading a lot of Russian literature these days, and every book that I come across, written by some of the literary giants such as tolstoy, dostoyevsky, aleksandr solzhenitsyn, chekhov (to name a few ), I get the feeling I am led by that unknown force into a whole new world of reality, a place where the words come and hit you right in the face. I have also come to believe that Russian literature is grossly underrated and read by very few.

It is a shame that such fine pieces of literary work gather dust while people scamper to the buy the newest piece of crap to hit the stores. (I do not mean to deride any book or author, but it's simply due to apathy for the same).

I have posted this as a tribute to all the Russian authors for enlightening us with some ornate literary works.