Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Pleasure of finding Feynman

I accidentally stumbled upon a book by the Great Richard Feynman titled "The pleasure of finding things out" (although it was recommeded to me by a friend of mine a long time back). Anyways, I can say without the slightest doubt that it was my pleasure of reading such a book. It simply amazes me as to how can a single person hold such an immense quanta of knowledge as to have done something extraordinary in every field of science. His view on life is what inspires me the most. Although it is true that every person has his own perspective towards life, but his outlook is so simple, straightforward and "in the face". From, "the beauty of a flower" to "the atom bomb", to "the epaulettes and pope". Of special importance were, his view on "winning the Nobel Prize". It's like "I don't give a shit, just let me be and let me do my physics". What else can you ask for in life? You are peace with yourself. After reading that, for once I really wanted to be selfish.
I know for sure that this book and others by him will have lasting impression on my mind.

Another book that I read was "Feynman's lectures on computation", which although not as critically acclaimed as his "Lectures on Physics", is very interesting and didactic. The book exudes basic concepts of computing like Turing machines, semiconductors, quantum computation. Although the concepts are pretty simple, what is of utmost importance are his views at looking at the problems. I thought that the analogy of the Gas Equation to the concepts of information theory and coding, was plain brilliant and who could have done it better than Feynman himself.

Feynman has rekindled my interest in physics (although I think i've never lost interest, but am saying just for emphasis), and I'm afraid i'll be reading physics instead my course and research work and I hope this feeling stays with me for sometime to come.

"I don't have to be good, because they think I have to be good" - Feynman


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